Pete the Monkey - The Project
The charity

"We aim to protect and conserve vulnerable animals, endangered habitats and areas of scientific and ecological importance." - Communidad Inti Wara Yassi

The Pete the Monkey Project is fundraising for Communidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY), a Bolivian non-profit organisation, enabling the organisation to complete a new wild animal sanctuary, Jacj Cuisi Wild Animal Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre.

CIWY works in defence of animal rights and the environment. The charity does so by rescuing capuchin monkeys and other wild animals that have fallen victim to trafficking, captivity and abuse, with the aim to safely rehabilitate and release them back into their natural habitat, the Amazon jungle.

CIWY currently runs two wild animal refuges in Bolivia, both of which have reached their maximum capacity. CIWY is therefore working to construct their third animal sanctuary, Jacj Cuisi. When it is complete, this park will be Bolivia's premier wildlife rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary. For the completion of this park, we need your help.

Abroad, CIWY is represented by the English charity Quest4Change, who process all donations for construction of the sanctuary.

The parks

The parks

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