Pete the Monkey - The Project
The staff

For press, licensing and all other inquiries please contact Pete

Founder and
King of the Swingers

Louis discovered Pete's talents while volunteering at the sanctuary, then masterminded this project. Contact Louis

Co-founder and Web Monkey

Duncan exposed Pete to the world on his website, Amazing Stuff, then built this one out of sticks.

The Actual Monkeys

The world's most popular and successful celebrity monkey dishwasher, and his baby accomplice.

Chief Howler

Head of communications and throwing coconuts at strangers.

Head of London...

...New York, and Sydney offices. (And making films (out of banana skins)).


Alice did the all the lovely website drawings on pieces of bark.


Runs extremely long distances for the Pete the Monkey cause.

Heads of Recruitment

Top fans and chief groomers.


Supports Pete the Monkey and Fulham FC.

Special thanks to Pierre, Alfred, Jon, Sarah, Cole, Jesse, Aurélien and all the other monkeys!